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Tsuki PROD.

Art director and graphic artist based in Tokyo.


Graduated with a degree in architecture. Started creating graphic art using the comprehensive idea of architecture.


He specialises in attacking more futuristic and unique visuals. Confidently named Future Punk, he projects in his work a multifaceted view of how we end up and how our memories from birth to death influence the entire universe.


His work lies between design, creativity and art, and he receives various commissions as well as individual creations.


His main production method is 3DCG, and he uses image manipulation and video editing to increase the diversity of his work.


2022:Hong Kong

Place:K11 Art mall

Name:Made in Japan 3.0: Defining a New Phy-gital Reality exhibit

2022:Seoul Place:강동아트센터 아트랑 1,2,3층

Name:NFT ART 101

2022:Tokyo Place:NFT WEEKS TOKYO

Name:SBINFT 3期 展示会 出展


Place:JN gallery

Name:Cruxful BEYOND Digital collectibles Festival

2023:Tokyo Place:Tokyo Shinjuku


(Responsible for the main visual of the event)

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